MBA Virtual Intern Program

Lifebushido announces our Virtual Entrepreneur Internship for the top MBA and qualified undergraduate students around the globe.
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Overview - Overview of Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern Program

Interns will be responsible for creating microventures within a group of three fellow MBA and undergraduate interns as part of a Lifebushido Triangle. Interns will develop a business plan and use their microventure to begin generating revenue within 10 weeks.

Interns will choose microventures that will allow members of their group to focus on each of their unique talents so their creative passion will be fully realized. Collaboration will be accomplished by using an open source business model where all project work is accessible to all interns and ideas can be shared freely.

This internship is a non-paid, part-time internship that can be accomplished virtually. Interns will be expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. The following flyers share information about the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern Program. Feel free to print and share with fellow students who you feel may benefit from this program.

Who is Eligible?

Any student who has a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to join a start-up venture or start their own business within a few years are eligible to apply. The Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship program is year-round, lasting 10 weeks, part-time, virtual (allowing you to work from anywhere in the world), and starts every quarter. The following eligibility guidelines are arranged below in order of preference.

  • Year 1 MBA students.
  • Year 2 MBA students.
  • MBA graduates looking for a job, wanting to build their resume, or wanting to do a part-time internship while working full-time.
  • MBA students doing a full-time summer job or internship which is not challenging enough or intellectually stimulating enough. MBA students who want to be challenged and add skills and depth to their resumes.
  • Undergraduate students in business school entrepreneurial programs will be considered after completing additional application screening steps.
  • We encourage students who are passionate and interested in start-up ventures, marketing, sales, social media, technology, and unique business models to apply.

We believe only 10% of global business students are true entrepreneurs who want to run their own business in the future. Of those, only 10% will have the passion, skills, and motivation to be a Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Intern.

The Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship runs year-round on a monthly schedule based on different school schedules around the world. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Inquiry to Apply to Accept: This process should take about 1-2 hours of your time and take about 1-2 weeks from start to finish.
  • Startup: The first 10 hours of internship is considered Startup steps which are completed before the formal start of a microventure.
  • Internship Microventures: We start intern group on 1st of month.

  • Summer 2010: We did a small beta, involving 10 students
  • Summer 2011: We did a medium beta, involving about 150 applicants, 50 accepted and started, 30 involved with microventures
  • 2012: We relaunched a broader Lifebushido Microventure Entrepreneur Internship in January 2012 for both undergraduates and graduate students for MBA Virtual Intern. We are accepting applications again, in order to start monthly groups of interns in February 2012. We will continue rolling monthly starts for the 10 week program because of different students needs and school schedules around the world.

How to Apply
Please follow the instructions below in order to apply for the MBA Virtual Intern program.

Step 1 - Inquiry to Start Application Process - 10 minutes
  • Send an email to stating your interest in the Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship. Please answer questions 2 through 5 listed below in the body of your email. If Lifebushido would like to consider you for further consideration, an email will be sent to you with further application instructions.
  • What school are you currently attending and what stage of your degree program are you in?
  • How did you hear about the Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship?
  • What is one simple creative marketing idea to spread marketing awareness to at least 10 potential students at your school about MBA Virtual Intern that would take 5 minutes to complete? Please go ahead and take that action and either BCC if an email was sent or describe what action you took.
  • Why are you interested in joining the Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship? Please limit your answer to a few sentences.

Step 2 - Apply for Internship - 1 hour
Please only do this step when we reply to your initial inquiry email above and approve your request to apply for our internship.
  • Review the FAQs and email us if you have any additional questions.
  • Application - Brainstorming: Complete the brainstorming task within 3 days after you have been requested to complete the additional application steps.
  • Your submission will be reviewed and rated and we will reply with a decision within one week of application.

Step 3 - Decide to start internship if you are Accepted by Lifebushido
  • If offered the internship, you are requested to decline or accept and state when you would like to start.
  • Initial acceptance will be provided on a trial basis. All interns will then participate in a start up phase of a microventure which requires 10 hours of preparation and organization. Interns will decide on a microventure, draft a one page business plan to include 10 weeks of goals, connect with other interns in a Lifebushido Triangle, and implement technology and systems in preparation of the formal internship. The start up phase will take place before the internship program begins.
  • All project materials and microventures are open sourced on this wiki and other collaboration technology used by Lifebushido. As interns, everyone learns and shares with each other as work is done on microventures.
  • Selected candidates will be asked to add their information to Intern DB. For instructions on how to add your records, please go to Intern DB - Add to Database


Please read the FAQs. If you still have questions, email us at at
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