Amagooplebook is a Lifebushido microventure for small business entrepreneurs to leverage Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook free and paid services to grow their business.
Version 1/15/12 by Steve

  • Amagooplebook will help small business owners leverage Amagooplebook platforms to grow business faster.
  • Amagooplebook platforms include Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook - also called AGAF.
  • Small business entrepreneurs are not aware of the valuable free and paid services provided by Amagooplebook
  • Most small businesses would benefit from use and leverage of AGAF
  • It would take 10-100 hours to begin to identify all possibly features and which ones apply to a single small business
  • Most entrepreneurs do not have technical skills to understand all the features available on AGAF

  • Core 10 Services
    • Product search
    • Book physical
    • Ebook
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Free SEO
    • Paid Search
    • Social Networking
    • Web Pages
    • Mobile Apps
  • Complete 100 list of possible AGAF options
  • Ecosystem of top 100 related services which connect such as PayPal

  • Learning: It would take 10-100 hours for a small business owner to review and identify the 10 most important services to use from AGAF.
  • Starting: It would take 10-100 hours for a small business owner to either implement themselves and start various services or hire someone to get it done.
  • Managing: It makes sense to spend 10-100 hours monthly to manage and extend AGAF as core marketing for a small business.

Service Levels
  • Free: Open source, LB curated, crowdsourced
  • Books: Practice what you preach. We use AGAF and books for marketing awareness and examples. Recursion
  • Jumpstart: $99 one-time survey and 30 minute needs analysis and proposal
  • $99/month
  • $995/month
  • $9,995/month for agencies or corporations

Target Markets
  • Retail small business
  • Ycombinator companies
  • VC firms
  • Inc 500 and Inc 5000

  • Analysis
  • Choose among 100 options
  • Production

Action Items
  • Outline items - Marty and tmdom
  • One page flyer
  • Opt-in page for alpha
  • FAQs - ask a questions
  • Costs, time, publishing.

  • Content of book, audio, video
  • Mturk for crowdsourcing of work
  • Payment using one-click
  • Store fullfillment for shipping
  • PPC for Amazon
  • Social media for comments, ratings, forums

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Video YouTube
  • Tools
  • Lab