Bookbushido Microventures

This page is for Bookbushido microventures.
Version: 8/15/2009

  • Lifebushido has developed content of 100-200 business book summary notes of 2-10 pages each for popular business books
  • This has been available for free at for 2-3 years.
  • We will leverage the content to launch microventures for revenue and lead generation

This is list of microventures to be launched from Bookbushido.

Actions to Take

Projects - list of related microventures in progress or potential and leader of microventure

Action Items - 8/15/2009
Overall Status
  • Websites are decided: and
  • Deadline 8/31/2009 with following goals
  • Content: 10 books and 10 weeks for Best Agent Books and Business Book Brief
  • Best Agent Books: 500 free signups and 50 paid signups
  • Business Book Brief: 100 free signups
Team: Tom, Umberto, JoAnna, Cherry, Jennifer, Carol, Anna, Michelle, Dominique, Kelly
  • Budget: Steve 2 hours a week, 50 Ishido hours per month, $200 Mturk
  • Emails from Team: Review Marketing Emails, Signup ActiveRain
  • Email to Team
  • Survey to RE2008
  • Ideas:
    • Book summary: Have faxback for take action; Free to blog inclufencers; sell advertising of free dist to new releases once big enough list of people
    • ads, no ads, just LBN ads. Gold Access $19.95/month - get 1 LB book as well - ebook or paperback
    • 10 coaches - sginup fee or free; Sean GOerss - JV stuff; Marty Cummins jv stuff. starpower - webinair series $29 and get free subscription - top 10 books and 3 minute message on each Aweber - New BooksAweber: turkshido Idea ask Turkshido idea wiki: get feedback, which business book do you want to read, how many pages, give full bnook. PDF Tracker, refer a friend - Other DOC dictate files pending.
  • Speak to Umberto and get him involved
  • Update Bookbushido - Format for Editingwith our decisions from breakfast and upload sample of Purple Cow in that format
    • Create clear format and instructions so we can have 5-10 Ishidos each do one this week. Do Purple Cow yourself. I believe we agreed on page 1 is summary, page 2 is a bit more details, and page 3 is action items
  • Marketing email, short text to post, one page version
  • Draft 1 sentence description of Business Book Brief and 100 word description
      • Business Book Brief is a subscription service summarizing relevant business books with the small business owner [entrepreneur] in mind.
      • Business Book Brief is a subscription service summarizing relevant business books written by entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs in mind. For $9.95 a month, subscribers receive a summary of a relevant business book selected for the needs of a small business owner who has the desire, but not the time, to improve his business and life. Summaries are short, only 3 pages, but are designed to provide the author’s main ideas, further details for those subscribers who desire more information and finally, action items the entrepreneur can take to improve his business and reach the next level.
  • Draft 2-3 short marketing emails we could all send to people we know who own small businesses.
    • 1)
Dear Entrepreneur,
Do you find that you don’t have the time to keep up with the latest business literature? Do you find yourself looking at a stack of books you’ve bought with the intent of reading but just can’t get to because of your busy schedule?
If so, Business Book Brief is your solution. We provide business summaries of the best business books that relate to the small to medium business owner. Our summaries are tailored to the needs of your business and career.
Our summaries will help you quickly understand the author’s main ideas and themes, provide you with real life examples of success and finally, lay out actionable items to take your business and career to the next level!
Sign up at and you will receive 1 book summary per week for the trial period and, if you find the service valuable, pay only $9.95 per month for the service thereafter.
Welcome to Business Book Brief, where Anything is Possible!
Visit us at
Business Book Brief, a Lifebushido Company
Lifebushido LLC – Anything is Possible
    • 2)
Dear Small Business Owner,
We are writing to introduce you to an exciting new learning opportunity. Business Book Brief is a new service devoted to giving the small business owner the opportunity to keep up to date with the best business literature.
Business Book Brief provides weekly summaries of business books, both new and classics that have been chosen specifically with the entrepreneur in mind. Our topics focus on business success stories, marketing, social media & technology and personal career management.
Are summaries are to the point, summarizing the author’s main ideas and themes. Furthermore, we provide action items that the small business owner can apply on his own to take his business to the next level.
Sign up at and you will receive 1 book summary per week for the trial period and, if you find the service valuable, pay only $9.95 per month for the service thereafter.
  • Draft 2 versions of a paragraph which people could post on their blog, Facebook, other websites and pages that explains Business Book Brief and points people to to signup for free weekly business book summary during launch period in 2009.
    • 1)Business Book Brief is a new service designed specifically with small to medium business owners in mind. Our service provides weekly summaries of the most relevant business literature for the entrepreneur. Our summaries are designed to quickly convey the author’s main ideas and themes and then translate those into actionable items that you can use to take your business and career to the next level. Sign up for free weekly summaries during our launch period at
    • 1)Hello entrepreneur! Tired of staring at the business books on the shelf that you’d read if you had the time? Well, we have the solution for you. Business Book Brief is a new service designed specifically for the busy entrepreneur in mind. We provide weekly summaries of the best business books chosen for the entrepreneur in mind. Expand your marketing skills, improve your career, learn how to harness new media technologies; Business Book Brief summaries will help you take your career and business to the next level. Our summaries quickly encapsulate the author’s main ideas and we suggest actionable items that you can take. Sign up for free weekly summaries during our launch period at

  • I would like above done by Tuesday so we can edit and have ready by Thursday to launch Friday.
  • Book Resource Website:
    • Do page Bookbushido - Book Resource Website on mba virtual page
      • This should have a sublink to actual Purple Cow example you do as sample and test.
      • Have detailed description of what we are looking for of types of sites and links to link to good enough that we can delegate to Turkshidos to create.
        • Links to the author's website and links to purchase the book on amazon and Barnes and Noble.
        • Search youtube for relevant videos about the book, about the author or by the author.
        • Using amazon's engine for other books you might enjoy, search for books with a similar theme or by the author that would appeal to someone who enjoyed the book you are reviewing.
        • Search for reviews of the book, particularly from well-regarded sources such as the NYTimes or WSJ.
        • Search for interesting/relevant blogs discussing the book, positive or negative.
  • Marketing Channels
    • Contact first organizations for possible free marketing distribution.
    • SCORE has 10,000+ advisors, part of SBA, Kauffman Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Survey - make comments based on review and return copy to Steve next time we meet
  • Georgetown MBA
    • Decide on whether there is potentially a professor or class that Business Book Brief would be relevant for case study or project in Fall. I am open to meet with professors ASAP solo or with you to pitch them on idea.
  • Implement PayPal links provided and test (Done for BAB Books/created for SMB Bookbushido(workaround) -7/28)
  • Do website changes requested
  • Create and have autoforward to you, me and Carol (Done 8/7)
  • Amazon affiliate - learn and implement as emailed by Steve on 8/9/2009
  • Images: For now, go ahead and borrow 3-4 of most popular book cover images from some site to use on our website. If we find out that is issue, we will remove later. Perhaps from the website of actual book publisher or something
  • Setup Aweber, domain, emails, website for
  • Books DB:
    • Detail what has been done on this line
    • When done with added fields - send link to Tom and myself so he can complete for Purple Cow the new fields
    • Do items below to enhance further:
      • Add fields for
      • Subject Line: text - subject line for email series
      • Short Intro: text multi line
      • Feedback Request: text
      • Offer: text
      • Link Details: text multi line
      • Summary PDF Long - this will be for a 2nd longer PDF summary file.
  • Each of you draft a short email offer and a full page letter sales pitch for SMB BookBushido at $9.95 price.
  • Share and edit with Tom so we have 3 final examples to use of emails and letters to test