Amazon Affiliate Program for Bookbushido
This page is for listing all features of Amazon Affiliate program platform that we will implement now and into the future with Bookbushido Websites.

Features to utilize now (August 2009):

  1. Create product links for each book with appropriate associate tag for customers to order books on our sites ( and - we earn up to 15% in referral fees
  2. Create an online store containing all of the books we've reviewed, where our readers can go to purchase them - organized by category (we could cross reference our other sites/business concepts here, possibly - ie, books that apply to goalbushido, BAB, BBB, Orange Passion, LB, etc)

Features to utilize in the future (Sept. 2009 and on):
  1. Create and test amazon banners to our sites, depending upon whether or not we want to monetize site further (we earn up to 15% of all sales from customers who use banners to link to Amazon
  2. Add to our online store other books that are similar to those we've reviewed for customers to order
  3. Create slideshow widget of all book titles we offer
  4. Create widgets for charitable donations to a cause we support - Amazon earnings could be donated
  5. Create widget through Omakase (suggested products for our customers based on site content) - is this something we want to do? Makes the site look more intelligent, but may detract from the focus of our service.