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Version: 7/23/2009



Action Items

  • Email survey to RE2008, Big Agents, BDA, Others

Raquel - Action Items
These are action items for Raquel
  • Start wiki page under this for beta version of website and testing as we start. Put Aweber signup on subpage. Call page Best Agent Books - Beta Website DONE 7/3
  • Register on our GoDaddy account and start with Joomla or $9.95/month website builder, your choice DONE 7/3
  • Create,, and have all autoforward to you and me DONE 7/3
  • Aweber: Create like you did for coffee, have it have 1 welcome message and customize opt-in. Do a few versions of custom signup forms and once website live, have it do A/B rotating testing for signup on homepage. Have use for email address for confirms and emails and name should be Best Agent Books. DONE 7/3 Code is ready to add to site. Welcome message needs rewrite.
  • PayPal: Ask me for PayPal code for $9.95/month for you to place on Beta Website Steve: add to your PayPal business account if you have not already - so you can filter from main LB.
  • Create - copy emails to Steve DONE 7/7
  • Setup Google Analytics DONE 7/7
  • Open Google AdWords PPC account and USE THE CREDITS from godaddy accounts. DONE 7/7
  • Set up Yahoo account. STEVE - For PPC or email?
  • Start PPC account for Google Adwords DONE 7/7 Ads are running
  • Start PPC account for Microsoft adword
  • Start PPC account for Facebook? You have ad credits for this.
    • write ad yourself for now, for only searches on following exact phrases:
      Make budgets $2 per day:
      * Best agent books
      * Real estate books
      * Millionaire real estate agent
      Test those on google and yahoo and make sure they work -
  • Get live with a visual default template you think makes sense from options. Only need home page with AWEBER signup option for now to signup for aweber bestagentbooks list which should only do welcome for now. DONE 7/7
  • Book notes: Design basic field structure we will need to track the 100-200 book notes we have, first 10-20 fields you think we will need including fields to identify whether that book is included in BestAgentBooks, MBA, or Small Business version of Bookbushido. I will then build QB DB and we can have field for the actual PDF and short email desc for Aweber and then from there we can load first 10 weeks of books for BABooks.
  • Survey questions: We got 100-300 free subscribers to Bookbushido. I want to send them survey next week of 10-20 questions to help us improve Bookbushido, find out who they are in case they have marketing connections, and get feedback on ideas for $9.95/month service. Come up with questions.
  • Add below this item the minimum needs you identify for having website live ready for traffic and revenue - what do you need.

From Steve 7/7
Raquel and Jennifer and Gaylene - action items

Raquel is launching w me. Want to zoom this ahead.

I got a 1,000 real estate agents I want to send survey to on weds with landing page after survey of Best Agent Books - for them to signup for free for new service. Raquel get that homepage working. DONE 7/7

Pls send me ideas of 10 questions to ask in survey for mkt research on any aspect of Best Agent Books - which will be $9.95 a month service for weekly summary booknotes of real estate business books. Some will be real estate and some general business that I know are good for agents of that size. Offer is free subscription for 6 months for responding to survey. Like bookbushido.

Gaylene, forward this email to creative team w deadline of today for 10 survey questuons and any questions they have for me about what is Best Agent Books - etc.

Raquel, point Jennifer to turkshido hit you started on choosing ad editing raw booknote. Jennifer, pls task 3 ishidos to each do 1 book summary within 2 days and improve that wiki steps as they go. When done they shld email to you and cc me and raquel. We will iterate and do a few more and then open it to turkshidos.

Cherry, I need db of our 100-200 books. Raquel will point you to doc with list of 50-100 books. For now, pls pull from that and give me excel file of one field of title of book. Spelling does not have to be perfect so don't worry if I had typos in spelling. Probably easiest is copy andf paste from table of contents.

Raquel, pls copy this email text under mba bookbushido Best Agent Books - page or create page if not yet.

Gaylene, forward this to mba tom forrester and cc me. He is doing general smallbiz bookbushido.

Best Agent Books - goes live for revenue and google ppc by monday.

  • Project codename:
  • Business name ideas:
  • Domain name ideas:
  • Description of business:
    • One sentence:
    • One paragraph (Business does what for who and how):
    • Marketing tagline:

  • Target market:
  • One page business plan (attach PDF):
  • Google keywords for PPC (pay-per-click) marketing:
  • Pricing model:

  • Website beta site (before formal domain name choice):
  • PayPal button link for purchase:
  • Introduction email to leads:
  • Website homepage text:
  • Marketing one page PDF:
  • Powerpoint on Slideshare:
  • Audio overview:
  • Video overview:

Marketing Ideas
This is a growing list of all marketing ideas including budget to be spent on marketing ideas approved.

This is a list of any questions about business model that requires a decision by management team. Write in form of a question. Management team will change question into a decision statement.

This is a list of FAQs that will be developed from questions posed below.

This is a list of any questions that anyone has about any aspect of the microventure.
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