Bookbushido - Content and Publishing

This page is managed by Jennifer Young for content, writing, editing, publishing of Bookbushido.
Version: 8/15/2009

Action items 8/15/2009

  • Send the name of the next two (2) titles to Jennifer as well as the note text, or location of notes.
  • Your budget on Bookbushido is 1 hour per day, 5 hours per week for yourself.
  • You can spend 10 hours this first week to jumpstart and get system in place.
  • Work on the Format and Editing page to identify standards of format. Assume that you and I will go back and forth probably 5 times in few weeks tuning format till we like it, then feedback from core users.
  • Schedule call with Steve for Tue-Wed to discuss overall direction
  • Please do complete edits and PDFs for the next 2 Needed, see below, and send to Steve/Tom within 3 days with estimate of number of hours to edit a summary already done partially. Later, we will have separate estimate for doing one from my raw dictation. First files I am giving you are already mainly edited from raw dictation.
  • Please have your team edit/proof your summaries.
  • Books DB
  • Make suggestions for any change in format

Overview of Content and Publishing
  • We have an overall Books Database of about 300 books currently
  • Steve will identify books Needed for summaries. Jennifer will edit and get them Done.
  • Book content will include Summary PDF of 3 pages, Full PDF of 5-15 pages of raw excerpts, and Lifebushido Website of resource page
Books Database -
  • Books database is used to manage list of current and potential books for book summary
  • Books info from this database will be available and viewed on websites by clients for selected fields and to automate as database some functions of service
  • It is used to store PDF files of completed notes and for wording for Aweber email series
Content - Book Summary Editing
  • Important - as you go, move the 5-10 current Summary PDF field summaries over to proper Full PDF field
  • Summary PDF field should be the 3 page summary version
  • Full PDF field should be the longer version of the raw excerpts edited
Resource Page
  • Some books will have a separate webpage of useful resources.
  • Brainstorm good names for this page, besides resource page.
  • Tom started one for Purple Cow, go ahead and edit and come up with nice format
  • For 2nd resource page, you do one for Tiger Traits. I actually have met the author and I will then show it to him and see whether he likes it and suggestions.