Bookbushido - Format for Editing

Action Items - 8/15/2009

General Formatting:
    • Top Margin - 1"
    • Bottom Margin - 1"
    • Left and Right Margin - 1"
    • Title - Arial 18
    • Author - Arial 16
    • Text - Arial 12
    • Subheading - Times New Roman 36
    • Footer - Times New Roman 12 (Bold)
    • Best Agent Books and Business Book Briefs have different header/footer content. Please see each format example:

    • Use short paragraphs (1-3 sentences) in order to break up text. Use simple and concise language.
    • Each summary will be three pages. Each page could exist on its own and is refined to fit on the page.
    • Page 1 will be a single page summary of the book which includes a 2-3 sentence summary of what the author's goal is. It will also include the highlighting of key terms and the highlighting of key themes. An explanation of how the key themes tie together or create one seamless idea (or multiple ideas) completes this section.
    • Page 2 is a more indepth summary of ideas and specific examples of how they are put into play in the book.
    • Page 3 is suggestion action items or questions for them to consider. Submit 1-2 page summary to Steve for suggestions on content as needed. Add an inspirational, memorable, or challengine message for the reader as a final note.
PDF Summary:
    • Title: Bookname - Notes
    • This is the raw dictation notes excerpts from book.
    • Write a short 1-2 sentence intro that explains these are selected partial excerpts from book.

Overall Guidance:

The goal of these summaries is to present raw data to entrepreneurs that will be specific to their needs and save them the time and energy needed to read the entire book. Small business owners have a desire to learn, but not always the time to do so.

When summaries are done, upload both as PDF files to book DB ( in proper fields and send a copy to Steve.