Bookbushido - Individual Actions

Please take action below on items listed. Some are required and others are optional. Do all required and do one or more optional.
Under each item, edit and indent using bullets, add your name and your answer/response.
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Version: 7/1/2009

Required of Internshidos
  • Overall
    • About how many business related books did you read in 2008 for school or pleasure?
      • 5
      • Anna: 5
      • Sunny : 3
      • Neeraj Jain: 6
      • Umberto: 5
      • Arun Anand: 5
      • Gaurav Sharma : 4
    • What are your favorite top 3 business, personal success, or related books you have read in past 5 years?
      • Barbarians at the Gate, Smartest Guys In the Room, The World is Flat
      • Anna: Why Not? How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small by Barry Nalebuff and Ian Ayres; Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.
      • Sunny :The Toyota Way, Future Shock and it happenend in India by kishore biyani.
      • Neeraj Jain: The Goal: Goldratt, Critical Chain, How to Influence freinds: Dale carneige, Leadership: dale carneige, Napolean hill.
      • Umberto: When Genius Failed, Inside the House of Money, A Good Hard Kick in the Ass.
      • Arun Anand: Outliers: The story of success, The World is Flat, Management Challenges for the 21st Century(By: Peter Drucker), It happened in India (By: Kishore Biyan).
      • Gaurav Sharma : Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey,The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai
  • What are the next 3 business books you would like to read if you had time and had a copy of the book to read?
    • Chasing Alpha: How Reckless Growth and Unchecked Ambition Ruined the City's Golden Decade, by Philip Augar.
    • Fool's Gold: How the Bold Dream of a Small Tribe at J.P. Morgan Was Corrupted by Wall Street Greed and Unleaded a Catastrophe, by Gillian Tett.
    • Anything new related to the current crisis.
    • Anna: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time: What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You; Outliers: The Story of Success; Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
    • Sunny :The Disney Way, competetive advantage, the history of philosophy
    • Neeraj Jain: The Goal 2, World is flat,theory of constraints, books of goldratt, napolean hill, dale carneige
    • Umberto: The Box: How the Shipping Container made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger, The Goal: The process of Ongoing Improvement, A Brief history of Time: From the Big Bang to the Black Holes.
    • Arun Anand: Blue Ocean Strategy Author: W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, Smartest Guys In the Room, The Effective Executive, By Peter Drucker. The Fifth Discipline.
    • Dominique: Overcoming Underearning: Overcome Your Moeney Fears and Earn What You Deserve by Barbara Stanny.
    • Gaurav Sharma: The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel
  • How many pages do you think would be best for the length of a business book summary?
    • Anna: I think it's best to find out from a survey of entrepreneurs; perhaps we can offer 2 different products - a short 1-page summary and a longer 5-page summary or something along those lines.
    • Sunny : i also agree to anna, Also i beleive the longer summary should contain examples cited in the book and the shorter version should only have the concepts used..
    • Neeraj Jain: 1 page or 5 page summary is not a good idea according to me. There are different kinds of books .Some have many chapters roaming around same concept, while some books have different chapters , each saying a different thing. So the summary should not be contracted in page size. Infact, the preview of the book should be clear in shortest possible may be vary from 1 to 10 pages for different books depending on the type of book.
    • Umberto: I would suggest a 1 page “executive summary” as the first page with the whole document being between 5-10 pages. This ensures readers can skip books they might not be interested in. It should be short enough to read on a tube/metro journey so I think if breaches the 10 page mark people will not find the time to read it.
    • Arun Anand: I will go for a one(1) page Introduction, rather than summary not to give an idea about "what" of the book, but "why" of the book. for eg Why someone should read it, why the book is written etc.
  • MBA Version
    • We will be offering a special free version of business book summaries as a beta test to MBA students or recent graduates
    • Out of 100 MBA students, how many would likely sign up for free service if they are made aware of free service and how many would actually read some of the notes and give us feedback?
      • Anna: 15
      • Sunny : Depends on the college chosen and the quality of students there. If they all are from reputed colleges then i guess the no would be more than 50.
      • It will mainly depend upon quality of the service. If the quality is good, it will go around with word of mouth. And it will not be a surprise that students will sign up for it without even we inviting them.In any case 5-10 students will try atleast once from every college.
      • Umberto: I think a large percent will sign up for the service (students are always attracted from free products/services) however a much smaller percent will provide feedback. I’d guess 50% read the notes with 20% of those giving feedback?
      • Arun Anand: I think most of them would like to sign up for the service, and the first reason being is its free. Well it depends a lot on the books provided, Interface ( I mean, if the summary can be downloaded and saved on disk, chances are more that the user will finish the summary). So if there are good books and better service atleast 50 plus anyhow will make an attempt to read. However number of feedback may be less, but it also depends largely on the mode through which feedback will be received.
  • Draft a short email of a few sentences that you can send to 10 MBA student friends once the free version is launched to explain the service, and send them a link, and ask them to signup to give feedback and they can cancel the free weekly book summaries at anytime. For signup, use (we will have that working in future).
    • Neeraj Jain:" Dear, we are feeling great pleasure to invite u avail this facility, which contains an executive summary of different business books. It will not only save your time, but will give you an exact extract of what the writer wanted to say. Also after availing the facility , please give us the feedback of the changes you desire, and any modification, addtion, substraction, we need to do in the facitlity. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for free & enjoy the extreme depth of most of the best seller books of the world. You can discontinue using the service at anytime of your choice in future. please click the following link"
    • Umberto: Dear Classmates, Bookbushido is offering students from SBS the great opportunity to sign up to their Business book summary service for free. You will be able to download weekly summaries from some of the best business, personal success, or related books at no cost. To sign-up free please visit . You can also un-subscribe at any time. Since this service is still in beta-phase, it would be great if you could provide some feedback/suggestions on any improvements you might want. Regards, U.
    • Arun Anand: " Hey you all Future business leaders, I am sure that you all are interested in reading Business books and wanted to get inspired, learn, be motivated and have fun. Here is your chance to read the executive summary of worlds best business books online, and yes its absolutely free. Just sign up at and start reading. If at anytime you feel like you have read enough, you can unsubscribe and we wont trouble you anymore. You can always post your suggestions, to let us know "how better we can help you more". So Enjoy reading-Thanks and Regards, Arun Anand.
  • If we have a beta website working and signing up is free and just providing your name and email, how many MBA students do you think we can get to signup in first 10 days if we have 10 Internshidos spend 2 hours each getting word out to friends and posting on relevant boards?
    • Neeraj Jain: approx 50 students is not a big task.
    • Umberto: most students at Oxford will be busy with their internships or consulting projects so I would say maybe 20?
    • Arun Anand: 10 Internshidos working for 200 hours should at least fetch 200 users.
  • MBA India: For those of you in India, is there anything special about MBA India students that may related to how we build this microventure?
    • Sunny :well the special thing is that we here like to read books that have an indian touch or principles that can be applied in India, or of companies that are present in India. Ex Indians would prefer Dhirubai Ambani's biography more than Bill Gates', because they can associate themselves more easily with that. Also Indians, I beleive would be more interested in the 5 page summary instead of 1 page.
    • Neeraj Jain: Indian student will readily adopt to avail the free book summary, but only good quality & standard will be responsible to retain them. The sooner they accept anything , the more sooner they leave that if it does not fits well to their standards.
    • Arun Anand: Agreeing to both Sunny and Neeraj to what they said above about Indian readers. Also I have seen lot of many youngsters in India are inclined towards entrepreneurship, so they would be interested in reading stories of Indian entrepreneurs.
  • Small Business Entrepreneur
    • What are your 5 best marketing ideas for marketing a $9.95/month service of business book summaries to USA entrepreneurs with businesses of 1-10 employees and $100,000-$10 million revenue?
      • Neeraj Jain: 1. Direct marketing 2. At stores from where they get get official stationary supplied. 3. Internet ads 4. convincing their heads to have a workshop of book summaries. 5. giving gift vouchers at initial stages.
      • Anna: 1) Initial survey before service launch - this will raise awareness 2) Social media - Facebook etc. 3) Internet ads on related sites /google ads 4) Direct mail 5) Direct sales - phone calls
      • Umberto: 1. Promotional Offers (eg. 1 month free if you sign up before XX), 2. Add/Leaflet in Entrepreneur Magazines, 3.Attending conferences or having stands at entrepreneurial fairs, 4.Through surveys
      • Sunny : 1) social media marketing
2) direct mails/ Mass mails/
3)publicity capmaingns at bisuness book stores and colleges(as they are the future entrepreneurs).
4)publicity capmaigns at industry conferences which are usually attended by entrepreneurs.
  • Arun Anand:1) Make an appointment, visit there office and give them a brief presentation about the service- what are our offerings, why they should use the service, how it could benefit there company-Direct Marketing.
2) Get involved in conferences, college seminars etc to create awareness about our venture and services.
3) Internet Ads
4) I am not sure whether these small companies would be there on social websites like Linkedin or facebook, if they are then catch them there.

  • Marketing Plan: Do a 1 page marketing plan for Small Business Entrepreneur version or Best Agent Books version
  • Market Research: Search Google for 'business book summaries' and do competitor analysis of the top 5 services you indentify on Page 1 of Google for organic or sponsored advertised links. Most are in price range of $99-149 per year. For Small Business Entrepreneur version, list 5-10 key aspects of differentation which you would suggest we use in our microventure
  • Ask Steve: Tell Steve your unique talents and ideas on this microventure and he may think of a creative optional item
    • Sunny : i can edit the summaries and make them look good by adding some graphics and pictures.