MBA Virtual Intern - Brainstorm One Hour

This page is for the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern application process.
Version: 12/28/11 by Steve

Step 2 for Application:

Task - Brainstorm One Hour

Task Guidelines
If you are interested in applying for the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern, you will need to spend one hour brainstorming and doing market research. You are welcome to spend more than one hour if you wish, but it is okay to stop at one hour.

  • Perform this task and send results within 3 days of request.
  • Organize your research document with page numbers and a table of contents. Please include your name, contact email and skype/phone number on the title page. Make it organized and easy to read. We are evaluating both content gathered, instructions followed, and your ability to produce a visually well-organized document.
  • If there is a question below you previously answered, just copy your original response and include again.
  • Please organize with the same headings and questions as listed below;
  • Name the file "Brainstorm One Hour - YOURNAME" and send it in a .DOC or .PDF format;
  • Email results to
  • In your email, restate your MBA school and when you will be available for an internship and the hours per week you will be available to perform work.
  • Attach your resume also and any other attachments or links to your background, projects, ventures which may be relevant.
  • You will receive a rating of your performance and next steps within one week of sending results.


For the following categories, please provide estimates or actual numbers and web reference to source. It is okay to just give estimates. Do not take a lot of time finding actual numbers, ballpark numbers are okay.
  • Analysis of MBA or Business Undergrad student interest in becoming an entrepreneur
    • Please restate your school, country, and whether you are in an undergraduate or graduate program and your current year and expected graduation date.
    • In your program, about how many students in your year/class?
    • What percentage of your fellow students in your program year/batch do you think are seriously interested in becoming an entrepreneur within three years of graduating?
    • How many students is that estimated number?
    • Of those estimated students, about how many do you know personally?
    • Send information on to three or more of those students via email or Facebook or other contact and ask for their initial feedback of what aspect they think is most exciting and interesting after they spend 5-10 minutes looking over the information. Summarize their responses.
    • What would be the top three reasons why a student would want to complete our program successfully?
  • Entrepreneur
    • Does your family own their own business? If so, describe the business type and provide the number of employees. What has been your role if any?
    • Do you currently run/own your own business venture which you started by yourself or with partners? If yes, please describe.
    • Do you want to own your own business in future? If yes, what type of business?
    • Many students who apply to our program either are currently running a business, have a very specific idea to start a business, have many (or too many) ideas to start a business, wonder about whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, or perhaps just wonder if they would enjoy working for an entrepreneur or a start-up venture. Which is your personal situation?
  • Lifebushido
    • What do you find most interesting about Lifebushido?
    • What do you find most interesting about the MBA Virtual Intern program?
    • What would be your best one sentence description of the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern program which would have the best marketing appeal to students who go to your school? Please go to Application - One Sentence wiki page and write your one sentence marketing message on that page as well as in your document.
  • Your Ideas
    • Visit and review the information.
    • What creative ideas do you have for us to market our program to the top 20 MBA schools and students?
    • Would you have an interest in starting efforts to implement your own ideas?

Extra credit
  • Create and post to YouTube a short 1-5 minute video application for the internship describing your background, why you are a perfect fit for Lifebushido, and what aspects of our MBA Virtual Intern program you find most interesting and unique. Send us link to video with subject of: Extra Credit - Video Application. Tag the video on YouTube with keyword: MBAVI-Apply