Coffee Stories - MBA

This page is for the Coffee Stories microventure. Coffee Stories is a collection of 500+ stories gathered from people around the world about something that happened to them in a coffee shop which had a siginificant impact on their life. We also have 50+ marketing ideas about how to use this content for an ebook, book, website, even a movie, and other creative ideas. This is a creative project which also has revenue potential. Lifebushido Ishidos of Jennifer Young and Raquel Martin and Gaylene Calvert are involved with project.

  • Publish draft ebook on Lulu within 2 week period of MBA Virtual Intern startup - DONE 6/30/2009
  • Publish paperback on Amazon by 7/31/2009 - about 1-2 weeks behind schedule
  • Work on teams of Book Production, Private Label Books, Book Marketing, and Creative Media

Take action ASAP and review pages below and follow instructions to take action.