We have received your Application and sent you an e-mail inviting you to join Lifebushido as a Virtual Intern. Congratulations!

This Wiki page will guide you on how to add yourself to our Interns - Lifebushido database.
Interns - Lifebushido is a database created with Quickbase. There is no fee for Quickbase. Please DO NOT click on "Free-Trial" button that shows up on the Website Home page. If a pop-up comes up discussing a free sign up please ignore the message click on "sign in," on the right hand side, this will take you to the first time users page and allow you sign up for free.
If you are ever unsure of something, try to refer to the document below.
Sign up for Quickbase.pdf

This will take about 5 minutes.

Then, add yourself to the database:

The database form is not completed. There may be fields which you are unsure how to complete, just leave blank.
Edit this page with questions/suggestions and then email Steve to say you are completed.

Questions and Suggestions from Interns
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