Lifebushido MBA Triangles

Overview of Lifebushido MBA Triangles
Triangles are an innovative peer grouping system utilized by Lifebushido. This system brings together groups of individuals to help each other sift through the work process, share information, learn to utilize their unique talents, and assist in achieving their goals. The larger vision of Triangles includes moving out into the community to make a difference together. In our MBA internship, we are creating special triangles of MBA interns from different schools and different areas of the world.

In order to understand Triangles, it is important to understand the vision behind them. This is outlined below under "Lifebushido Triangle Vison." Triangles offer a unique opportunity that is not found in most companies to grow together and build on your talents . You will also want to read MBA Triangles - A Message from Steve Kantor for further information about the MBA Triangles and the vision behind this concept. Once you are assigned to a triangle, see Starting Your Triangle to begin.

Goals of your MBA Triangle
  • Define and achieve the perfect virtual internship with Lifebushido
  • Learn the power of goal-setting and write 2011 annual goals for your life
  • Help each other achieve the perfect virtual internship and 2011 goals

MBA Triangles will start with 4-5 interns from a global mix of schools. Depending on the status of interns after 1 to 2 weeks, these Triangles may shrink down to three people, or split into two groups of three people. The three Triangle participants will assume the following roles:
  • Moderator - Leader of the Triangle who organizes meetings and structure. This individual will lead the Triangle forward. The leader is responsible for weekly deliverables from the Triangle. If someone drops out from the Triangle, the leader is responsible for finding a replacement. If the leader fails to meet the weekly deliverables deadline, Lifebushido may assign a new leader.
  • Scribe - Note-taker and documenter of the Triangle who will be responsible for completing wiki updates and other written tasks for the Triangle.
  • Connector - This is the individual who will connect his or her Triangle to other Triangles to form a Circle of three Triangles in order to seek new ideas.

  • Lifebushido suggests that Moderators organize communication on multiple levels immediately.
  • The first Triangle Meeting should be a conference call of approximately 60 minutes in duration. Allow 5-10 minutes for each member to describe their background, how they got involved with Lifebushido, and their hopes/goals for the internship. This is a get-to-know-you call.
  • Lifebushido suggests scheduled chats or IM sessions three times per week in addition to a 30 to 60 minute teleconference.
  • Chat: All members should have a chat IM account for shared communication.
  • Wiki page: Every triangle will create their own wiki pages for communication. Triangles are free to use as many pages as they want for any useful purpose.

Each Triangle will be responsible for setting its own tasks and activities. A weekly schedule of events will be needed. Each Friday, the Triangle moderator will submit the weekly deliverables to Lifebushido for evaluation and input.

There wil be a special Triangle Leader training session conducted via satellite with Steve Kantor on how to most effectively run and manage a Lifebushido MBA Triangle. Lifebushido will gradually add training materials for Triangles to include a one-minute video overview, a three- to five-minute audio/slide show overview, and a 30-minute teleseminar with details. Visit and related pages to determine how Triangles are used internally at Lifebushido by Ishidos. Borrow concepts from these pages as needed.

Agenda for a Triangle Meeting
Lifebushido strongly suggests that Moderators use the following structured agenda for Triangle meetings. This structure applies to all meetings after the initial getting-to-know-you session.
  • Moderator emails members immediately after a meeting with any action items.
  • Scribe updates wiki within 24 hours.
  • Connector seeks resources from other Triangles as needed within 24 hours.
  • Triangle Meeting Agenda
    • 30 minutes in duration. Stick to the agenda. Meeting extension is optional to discuss specific project tasks, etc.
    • All members must be on time. Members should dial into the conference 5 minutes before the start-time. Moderator should begin the meeting promptly.
    • One word opening: The moderator should ask each member how they are feeling at that moment.
    • Member updates: Quick updates should be given by each member. These updates should take no longer than 2 minutes. There should be no subsequent interruptions or discussion. Updates should address each of the following topics in order:
      • Best: What is the best thing that happened to each Triangle member as part of the Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern program since the last meeting? Share good news.
      • Confusion/Concern/Worst: What confuses or concerns them? What is the worst thing that has happened related to the internship? Members should privately note any ideas or suggestions and offer them after the meeting.
      • Looking Forward To: What are you looking forward to most about the next stage of the internship?
    • Question & Answer - 3 minutes per member
      • Each Triangle Member can pose one question/problem they have related to the internship project(s) and ask for help. Each member of the group either 'passes' or shares some experience or knowledge to help the other member.
    • Triangle Organization: 1 minute per member
      • Moderator states any organizational issues and asks for input/decision from members.
      • Every member has 1 minute to thank anyone for contributions or make suggestions.
    • One word close: Everyone on the call says one word of how they are feeling at that moment.

Lifebushido Triangle Vision
The Lifebushido Triangle concept was started in early 2008 as a test of a radical idea to organize new hires and Ishidos, which is what we call the people who work at LIfebushido. The idea of the Lifebushido Triangle is a huge vision within our motto of “Anything is Possible." We hope to have hundreds of Lifebushido Triangles over the coming years, which will help you, help Lifebushido, help others in your triangle, and in ways hard to describe, help your society/community. Whether you have been with Lifebushido for over 1,000 days or have just started, please give it a shot. The Idea:
  • Ishidos group into Lifebushido Triangles of three or four people to help each other.
  • Benefits: Networking, support, information, finding more work, touching base, encouragement, insight, direction, someone to contact.
  • Triangles seek to help each other out with Lifebushido as new hires and fellow Ishidos by sharing ideas and experiences in a safe, confidential, and affirming group.
  • Triangles are a support group for new hires, offering insight into Lifebushido; advice, feedback and assistance on first tasks; and a shared human voice of other new hires.
  • Triangles communicate via email, phone calls, IM, video chat, wiki pages, Twitter, and other tools.
  • Triangles communicate at least once a week, preferably with a scheduled 30 minute phone call or chat session.
  • Triangles are likely to form strong bonds which will help people with their work at Lifebushido, getting all the hours that they want to work, getting work involving their unique talents, and improving various aspects of their overall life.
  • If someone leaves a Triangle, Lifebushido will help find a replacement.
  • A Lifebushido Forum is created by three Triangles connecting together to create a Forum of nine people.

To join a Lifebushido Triangle, please email and you will be placed into a group. If you are interested in being a moderator of a group, please indicate so in your email.

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Triangle Pages
Each Triangle member should create a wiki page under their main Triangle wiki, for example: