Microventure Skills

This page is for listing the various functional skills and teams that Lifebushido MBA Virtual Interns might need to successfully create and build their microventures.
Version: 3/20/11 by Steve

  • List skills organized by type of skill
  • Clarify how to access resources from Lifebushido to obtain the skills needed to build the microventure

Skills and Teams
Skills are similar to talents in that they are needed to do certain types of work. Skills are similar to teams or departments or divisions within a company. When building your microventure, your Triangle might have all the skills necessary to complete each task. As part of the startup process, each member of your Triangle will list his or her preferred skills. If you find that certain skills are lacking in your Triangle, you may need to rely on the resources of Lifebushido to support your efforts.

Depending on the type of microventure you will be developing, the following are examples of the skills which might be needed and the Lifebushido Team which can provide resources and support if they are needed for your microventure:
  • Leadership - management of microventure/team and project or people management
  • Marketing - creating marketing awareness and generating leads
  • Sales - closing sales and joint venture deals based on leads generated
  • Operations - delivery and support of service/product to clients/customers
  • Database Management - creating and organizing databases
  • Research - research of people, companies, business models, anything needed for your microventure
  • Social Media and Blogging - writing/communication - part of Marketing
  • Graphics - graphics design
  • Website Management - creation of simple microventure websites
  • Technology - web services and technology platforms
  • Bushido - taking bold action with the belief that "Anything is Possible" to quickly achieve bold steps forward for your selected microventure

Internal Resources from Lifebushido
Lifebushido will provide internal resources and support for functional teams of Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources.

Work Spirit and Work Groups
At Lifebushido, we also have people identify and focus on their preferred Work Spirit and Work Group. See http://lifebushido.wikispaces.com/Work+Spirit+and+Work+Groups for an overview. Work Spirits include Gnossos, Kaizen, and Bushido. Work Groups include Systems, People, and Communications.