Microventure Strategy

This page is brainstorming on microventure platform to be designed, built, and tested by MBA Virtual Intern.
Version: 12/19/10 by Steve

  • Develop a system to launch microventures
  • Build a platform of services for microventures
  • Create radical business idea of a platform to launch a microventure in 100 hours using $100 budget
  • Create decision model to select microventures to expand with 1,000 hours and $1,000 budget
  • Write a book about microventures with MBA Virtual Interns and their project featured in book

These are stages of microventures
  • Idea: Spend one hour to write one page microventure business idea outline to propose a microventure.
  • Fast Launch: With timeframe of 100 hours (4 days) and budget of $100 for marketing, launch beta test website with ability to generate revenue.
  • Kaizen: With timeframe of 10 days, kaizen and make improvements to microventure and analyze results.
  • Expand: If microventure passes beta test, use timeframe of 1,000 hours (about 40 days) and budget of $1,000 for marketing to expand microventure to profitability.
  • Full Venture: Evaluate performance and potential and consider microventures for conversion to full venture of Lifebushido with investment of additional capital.

  • Lifebushido: Gnossos + Kaizen + Bushido
  • Triangle: Ishido + Turkshido + Internshido
  • Roles: Core + Services + Microventure
  • Websites: Free + Paid + Platforms
  • Marketing: PPC + SEO + Turkshido
  • Social Entrepreneur: Goalbushido, Triangle Bookbushido