Lifebushido is creating a radical innovation called Microventures to quickly develop and launch entrepreneurial projects with a virtual global business model leveraging our Lifebushido platform, resources, and unique Lifebushido Triangle group model. Like a venture capital firm, we believe that out of 10 microventures, there will be 1 that has significant potential to become a full venture, one that will expand and grow over 100% per year.
Version: 7/6/11 by Steve

  • Define a microventure and how Lifebushido MBA Virtual Interns will create microventures
  • List the microventure choices for interns to choose for their MBA Virtual Intern program
  • Provide single page resource/link to all aspects of microventures

  • A microventure is an entrepreneurial venture which goes from idea to launch with 100 work hours.
  • Lifebushido microventures use open source business model design and crowdsourcing.
  • You will design the perfect internship which is the best fit with your unique talents and interests
  • You can choose to work either solo or in a small group of three called a Lifebushido Triangle
  • If you choose a Lifebushido Triangle, you can choose to be a Leader or a Member.
  • You can choose to focus on one microventure or work on a skill team across all microventures
  • You can choose to work on a Lifebushido microventure or propose your own custom microventure
  • You can work on a business, creative, or social entrepreneurial microventure
  • You can choose to work on one microventure for 10 hours per week, or 2, 3, or 4 microventures at the same time if you want to work 20, 30, or 40 hours per week.
  • Our goal is to maximize the benefit and value of your MBA Virtual Internship for you and for Lifebushido.
  • Lifebushido passionately believes in providing flexibility so you can focus on your unique talents.

Pages for Microventures
The following is a list of developing aspects of microventure platforms. If you are just applying for internship, it is not needed to read any of these pages but optional. These pages are more for interns once they are accepted and started:

Microventure Success
  • How do we measure microventure success? This depends on whether it is a business, creative, or social entrepreneurial microventure and whether the goals relate to a revenue model or a free model.
  • Microventures created over a 10 week period will have specific weekly deadlines for each week of deliverables. The first deadline will be to have a beta test version of the microventure website launch within 2-3 weeks. Once the website is launched, each microventure will report weekly measurements across all of the appropriate metrics for key performance indicatorin their specific microventure. These are called KPIs.
  • For example, with a business microventure, its measurement may be to have immediate revenue generated. Or the metric to measure success may be the number of people who signup and use the service if the business model is based on a "freemium" model of free usage and revenue generation through other means. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemium.
  • Metrics will include the following: labor hours from interns, labor hours from Lifebushido resources, capital invested, unique weekly visitors to website, leads generated (or opt-ins to email lists), visitors to leads conversion rate, leads at various stages of the sales cycle, customers/clients acquired (may be defined differently for each microventure), and revenue generated (if revenue-based microventure).

Microventures for Lifebushido MBA Virtual Intern Program
The following is a starting list of microventures to choose from for your internship. We have a longer list of 20-30 microventures available. If none of the microventures listed here interest you, we can discuss and find a better fit for your unique talents. Unless stated, the target market is small business entrepreneurs in the USA with business revenue of $100,000-$10,000,000 per year. This is about 3-5 million businesses. All Lifebushido virtual assistant services we provide are currently $20/hour. Thus, a client who buys a service for 50 hours per month is paying $995/month. Our design is that multiple teams of Lifebushido Triangles may pursue the same microventure. We will purchase/create separate website domains for each Lifebushido Triangle so they can cooperate and compete in a friendly manner in a race to launch their microventure and achieve the best metrics and results.
  • Business Microventure
    • Social Media Jumpstart: Social Media Jumpstart will provide jumpstart services at a cost of $99 for 5 hours of services to help a business create a blog, Facebook business page, Twitter account, and proper LinkedIn account. We can target general small business entrepreneurs, or a specific industry segment, or a specific social media need such as new location-based services (GPS) using FourSquare, Groupon Now, and other platforms for local retailers/restaurants. The goal is to generate leads that will then retain our regular services for $495 or $995 per month.
    • Business Book Brief: Business Book Brief provides weekly business book summaries for entrepreneurs at a cost of $9.95/month on a subscription basis. We have over 100 3-5 page summaries of business books to be edited and organized. This microventure is started, but not operating yet. For marketing impact and a beta test, we will also offer the service at no charge to verified MBA students around the world based on an .edu email address. We will have a focus to see how many of the 5,000-10,000 MBA students in India at IIM/IIT schools we can get to opt-in for this valuable free service. See Bookbushido Microventure for previous efforts so far.
    • Orange Passion: Orange Passion is a marketing consulting service based on customer-driven innovation. The target market is businesses from $1-10 million that are seeking new business model innovations and disruptive innovations. This is called Bushido. Lifebushido has a unique global platform of over 5,000 people who can provide creative brainstorming on a business model, in addition to reaching the most creative 10% of the client base of the business. The pricing will be $995 for a project with sampler "quick offers" of $99 available as needed to encourage a business to retain us for $995 project.
  • Creative Microventure
    • Lifebushido Triangle: Lifebushido Triangle is a radical social organization innovation by Lifebushido. We truly believe it could positively impact thousands of people around the world. In fact, MBA Virtual Intern is one example of the Lifebushido Triangle concept in action. This microventure would creatively design and launch various test versions of Lifebushido Triangles with the goal of finding 100 people around the world to group into 30+ Lifebushido Triangles of three people to help each other achieve their life goals and positively impact other people.
  • Social Entrepreneurial Microventure
    • Goalbushido is currently a free service which provides a goal coaching email series. We have helped over 1,000 people learn about goal writing so they can define their own annual goals. A microventure could redesign the website and implement new efforts to greatly expand marketing awareness and usage of this service.

Microventures - Other
This is an additional list of some potential projects.
  • Coffee Stories - MBA is a book/media project involving stories of people in coffee shops. Visit Coffee Storiesfor a PDF of sample content. Another idea is to create a Coffee Stories India-specific version.
  • Vertical 2 includes services performed by Lifebushido for $100,000-$1m businesses for $995/month.
  • Best Agent Business provides part-time virtual assistants to top real estate agents to help them reach the next level of their business. This service is available for $995/month.
  • Best Agent Business new Monthly Project Service $99/month
  • Billion Dollar Agent is a sales/marketing book based on interviews with 70 top real estate agents who have sold over $1 billion in their career, or are on track to do so.
  • YRUHRN is the world's first crowdsourced book which Lifebushido published in 2006.
  • Individuals involved in book microventures will publish one book per week for 10 weeks using Mturk sourced content.
  • Strategic Business Partners is a project which focuses on finding companies that can partner with Lifebushido in the future.
  • MBA Virtual Intern book is an idea to start an ongoing journal from current interns about building their microventures which we would compile into a book to publish as an ebook and paperback that would be available on Amazon. For interns who completed their microventure successfully, their names would be printed in the book and listed as co-authors. Interns would have a powerful business credential and resume builder of stating they are a co-author of a published business book about entrepreneurial ventures. They could point someone to a book on Amazon, and state they were part of a global virtual team that created the book.