Overview of Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship
This page provides an overview of the Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship.
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Lifebushido was started in 2006 by Steve Kantor, who previously sold his $2 million revenue software company, Gnossos Software, in 2004 to Vocus (VOCS). Vocus was recently named one of America's 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies by Forbes for significant sales growth over the last 5 years. Steve's background can be reviewed by visiting Lifebushido is building a global network of people working flexible, part-time hours from home using their unique talents.

What is Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship?
  • Lifebushido globally seeks the top MBA and undergraduate students to focus on their unique talents and create the world's best virtual internship for entrepreneurs.

  • Interns will create Microventures in a Lifebushido Triangle of fellow global MBA and undergraduate students which will develop from a business plan to a revenue generator within 10 weeks with less than 100 hours of effort. Interns will focus on their unique talents to unleash your creative entrepreneurial passion and persistence. Interns will collaborate with fellow interns in an open source business model in order to share ideas. Interns will be in competition with each other to create the most promising microventure.

  • The Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship is a non-paid, part-time, virtual internship that can be completed from any location on a year-round basis. Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship combines a highly structured microventure system with the creative entrepreneurial freedom to take charge and grow your microventure quickly.

  • Lifebushido offers a unique, unpaid internship opportunity for self-motivated MBA and undergraduate students who are looking to add something substantial to their resumes. Interns will work remotely, gaining exposure to microventures while exercising their entrepreneurial spirit. Interns will work on one or more microventures involving either a business, creative, or a social focus. Microventures will develop from concept to launch within 10 weeks. Interns can also propose their own microventure.

What Can I Expect During This Internship?
The Lifebushido Virtual Entrepreneur Internship is a unique opportunity for highly motivated students who have a passion for entrepreneurship and like to move fast. Interns will do the following:

  • Build their resume with a dynamic business project which will see immediate success or failure in 10 weeks.

  • Be given microbudgets, to be used over the 10 week period, to invest in development, sales, and marketing of your microventure project.

  • All work is done virtually/remotely. Interns can work with Lifebushido from anywhere in the world with flexible hours.

  • If you already have full-time summer plans, interns can still participate at levels of as little as 10 hours per week to get more experience and build their resume.

  • Interns will work on real projects involving real start-up business ventures.

  • Interns will interact with Lifebushido staff in the United States and around the world.

  • Assuming successful performance of over 100 hours of work, the President of Lifebushido, Steve, will write a very specific letter of reference about your performance and be available for email or phone reference checks with future potential employers.

  • If you have a current business idea which you are considering launching after you complete your MBA, or sooner, Steve will provide mentoring/guidance and feedback on your business ideas. As relevant, he may also connect you to private angel investors.

Quick Microventure
  • For incredibly motivated and fast moving MBA and undergraduate students, we offer a Quick Microventure internship consisting of 100 hours of effort in 10 days. For those of you who want to test the waters fast, or have an open 10 days between classes, semesters, or jobs, we offer the Quick Microventure internship. If you are interested in this special opportunity contact Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido, who will personally provide daily feedback and mentorship each day of the microventure.

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