Vertical 2

Vertical 2 is the microventure to expand Lifebushido services beyond part-time virtual assistants for real estate agents to provide part-time virtual assistants for small business entrepreneurs. Vertical 2 is the major expansion of Lifebushido for faster growth. Best Agent Business was a beta proof of concept for Lifebushido and we have succeeding in generating clients and revenue and growth.
Version: 7/1/2009

Business Outline
  • Target market: 1-5 million small business entrepreneurs in USA who want to grow at 20% or more per year and have 1-5 employees.
  • Services: Part-time virtual assistant services including marketing, sales, accounting, publishing, websites, customer service and more.
  • Pricing: Monthly recurring revenue using subscription model of $995/month for 50 hours of services at $20/hour. There will be sampler services of $99 package for 5 hours to develop marketing leads and an entry-level of $495/month for 25 hours a month. As client needs increase, we will offer higher price points for more hours. Lifebushido currently has 30-40 clients with Best Agent Business with this service model and pricing. We have proved the concept and it works.

Market Segments
This is list of potential market segments which we have contacts or database lists which we can pursue to launch Vertical 2
  • NEO: New entrepreneurs of new businesses started in past year.
  • INC500: List of 500 companies of fastest growing 500 private companies in USA.
  • DC EO: Local DC group of 100-200 members of which Steve Kantor was a previous member of organization before selling his prior company Gnossos Software.
  • Local Bethesda: Businesses local to Steve Kantor location in Bethesda, MD. Count is 1,500 with about 350 in $1-10 million and 830 < $1 million in 20817 zipcode. Of 830, about 270 are 1-3 years old. Possible idea is do mailing or drop-off packages to businesses.
  • All: Infousa has 11m of which 9.5 million have sales volume. Of those, 400,000 are above $10 million; 2.7 million are $1-10 million and 600k of those have 1-4 employees; 2.3 million are $500k-$1m; 4.5 million are under 500k. Focus ideas: $500K-1m is 2.3 million of which 1.6 million are 1-4 employees and 600k are 5-10 employees. Local MD, DC, VA of 500k-1m and 1-4 employees is 70,000.
  • Profile of ideal client: A business with 1-2 employees which is growing over 20% per year, with $100,000-$1 million revenue, and they should hire first assistant with allocation of 10% of revenue for assistant/admin services to grow the business. The best profile is entrepreneur who is salesperson and needs assistance with marketing and back office organization functions and wants to grow fast, is savvy with technology, and aware of technology tools but does not have time or skills to implement for their business.

Brainstorming Notes
  • Vertical - find distribution channels for verticals
  • Coaches - SCORE, Coaching companies, E Myth
  • Salespeople verticals
  • SIC profiles of counts for ideas
  • Solo, over 100k, home-based, not franchise
  • Franchises
  • EO early - accelerator program
  • Dire needs of database, marketing systems, sales callers, accounting, lead mgt, client marketing
  • Daily tasks are best
  • Marketing Assistant Team, Business Assistant Team, Personal Assistant
  • Get to them: Google PPC, PR, Direct Mail, Orgs/Channels
  • Startup packaging $99. trial - Intuit mycorp Quickbase 3m, revenue/customer, profit/customer, Scott Wilder, mycorp,payroll, 100,000 customers with multiple services. 50% revenue splis,.